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07/03/2013: The Lighthouse Press Now Offers E-Books For’s Kindle

12/26/2009: The Lighthouse Press Releases The First of its E-Book Editions

12/14/2009: The Lighthouse Press Expands to Virtual Bookshelves For 2010

12/01/2006: Six Degrees of Separation Experiment Described

11/03/2006: Six Degrees of Separation Hypothesis Coming-Up Short

10/25/2006: Publisher to Test Six Degrees of Separation Hypothesis

07/02/2006: Live Armadillos Reveals the personal Side of Eminent Domain Issue

11/21/2005: DVD/Book Deal About O.J. Simpson to be Published by The Lighthouse Press

09/19/2005: Author Guides European Tour of His Epic Historical, The Wayfarers

07/11/2005: The Lighthouse Press Adds RSS News Fed to Web Site Services

03/09/2005: Free Chat Room Hosted by The Lighthouse Press and Lighthouse Entertainment

11/15/2004: The Lighthouse Press Creates Film Company

07/29/2004: Yale Strom’s Blackstream Films Options The Wayfarers

06/21/2004: Dionne Warwick European-Published Book Offered by Lighthouse Press, Inc.

06/16/2004: The Wayfarers Documents Centuries of Discriminatrion Against Jews

06/13/2004: Book by Ian Howard Recounts Overcoming Dreaded Diseases Three times

05/25/2004: Re-Release of Clinton Era Analysis Coincides with Bill Clinton's Memoris

01/13/2004: Barnes & Noble Third Recommendation for DL Tolleson’s The Gray Stopgap

07/10/2002: Barnes & Noble Second Recommendation for The Gray Stopgap

06/10/2002: Barnes & Noble Staff Recommendation for The Gray Stopgap

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Anderson, John

Arquette, Brett

Bain, Darrell

Brasch Ph.D., Walter

Colchester, Paul Kopal

Howard, Ian

Lamoureaux, Bob

Mulligan, Nora

Pickover, Clifford

Privett, Janet

Savoie, Mel

Smith, Zane

Thompson, Mary

Thompson, Paul L.

Walker, Jamon

Warwick, Dionne

Westerlund, Daphne

Westmiller, Robin

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