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Barnes & Noble Recommendation For DL Tolleson’s The Gray Stopgap

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JUNE 10, 2002) — The Lighthouse Press Inc., of Lighthouse Point Florida, announces that one of their recent techno-thriller titles, The Gray Stopgap, is now a “staff recommendation” at the Richardson Square Mall’s Barnes & Noble bookstore, located at 501 S. Plano Road in Richardson, Texas.

The Lighthouse Press reports this recently published debut novel by Texas author, DL Tolleson, is quickly gathering reader interest.

“You can employ advertising to hype a novel until you are blue in the face,” said Lighthouse Publisher Ron Richard, “but eventually it will stand or fall on its own merits, as is the case with The Gray Stopgap. As much as adventure, the novel is about relationships and integrity—subjects we think will stand the test of time. Validations such as the employee recommendation at a Barnes & Noble store in Texas are the kinds of feedback that we value for

The story of a government agent plagued by wartime memories and betrayal at the hands of his fiancée, The Gray Stopgap introduces the concept of “bio-chemical synthetic intelligence” and an experiment that turns upon the experimenters. Spanning over 20 years it is a psychological and emotional tapestry seamlessly woven between flashbacks and reality. Double agents, assassins, underwater adventure and sub-orbital dogfights are but a few facets of this adrenaline-driven pell-mell rush. Atypical for a techno-thriller, the novel delves into a tragic love story that serves as the very canvas upon which DL Tolleson paints a grandiose adventure that nearly turns its own pages.

The Barnes & Noble “staff recommendation” is expected to run through June. Readers and booksellers are also invited to visit the Publisher’s website and the author’s website at


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