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Barnes & Noble Third Recommendation For DL Tolleson’s The Gray Stopgap

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JANUARY 13, 2004) — The Lighthouse Press Inc., of Lighthouse Point Florida announces that their first techno-thriller title, DL Tolleson’s The Gray Stopgap, has garnered yet a third, “Staff Recommendation,” from a Barnes & Noble bookstore, this one on University Drive in the TCU area near downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

The Gray Stopgap, is one heck of a rollercoaster ride and every review juxtaposes this with its profound emotional depth,” said Lighthouse Publisher, Ron Richard. “We published this novel while reluctantly honoring the author’s desire to forgo the usual marketing hype. And indeed, the novel has slowly gained a fervent readership. This third Barnes & Noble Staff Recommendation reinforces our belief in this novel’s future success.”

The Publisher added that while DL Tolleson is working on an even more ambitious sequel, the next stop for this unconventional techno-thriller may very well be the big screen.

About the novel: The Gray Stopgap, is a subtle orchestration of flashbacks and reality that probes emotional depths not typical of, “techno-thrillers.” Unlocking the secret of immortality, an experiment in bio-chemical synthetic intelligence goes terribly wrong and one man must destroy a mortal enemy who will stop at nothing to unleash what should have never been created. A cautionary tale of incremental excess, the novel traverses numerous fiction genres in a literary sleight-of-hand where the forefront of international intrigue is a mere shadow of the issues and relationships driving the plot.

The Barnes & Noble “staff recommendation” is expected to run through February. Readers and booksellers are also invited to visit the Publisher’s website and the author’s website at


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