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DVD/Book Deal About O.J. Simpson to be Published by The Lighthouse Press

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (NOVEMBER 21, 2005) — After preliminary negotiations, The Lighthouse Press, Inc. and Captiva Outback, Inc. have reached a tentative agreement in publishing a non-fiction book series based on Captiva’s 70 hours of private, behind-the-scenes video footage of O.J. Simpson.

Captiva Outback’s Chief Executive Officer/Online Filmmaker, Norman “Spider Boy” Pardo, was granted unprecedented access by the former sports star and the resulting footage features Simpson at his best and worst while in and out of the public eye.

Each book volume in the Lighthouse Press/Captive series is anticipated to include a 2 - 4 hour DVD, thus featuring an in depth examination and visual context that neither medium alone could provide. The books/DVDs will include exclusive interviews with radio personalities, promoters, club owners and “backstage” personnel who risk more than just their reputations in contributing to the project.

Captiva has reported that since making public a tantalizing, 47-second preview, numerous entities have approached Pardo with proposals seeking to capitalize upon the controversial footage.

“That’s to be expected,” commented Lighthouse Press publisher, Ron Richard. “We’re dealing with a controversial celebrity and doing it in an unequivocal way. Including a DVD as a visual collaboration of a book’s text is—at the very least—unusual. And it certainly provides fuel to the fire of the O.J. Simpson enigma. Whether you love or hate the man, it’s like watching a train wreak: You just can’t take your eyes off of it.”

The book/DVD series will be available through online and local bookstores everywhere. For more information visit The Lighthouse Press, Inc. or Captiva Outback, Inc. on the World Wide Web.


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