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Re-release of Clinton Era Analysis, The Joy of Sax, Coincides With Bill Clinton’s Memoirs

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (MAY 25, 2004) — The Lighthouse Press Inc., of Lighthouse Point, Florida announces the re-release of The Joy of Sax; America During The Bill Clinton Era. Initially released within days of 9/11, this critically acclaimed book by award-winning journalist and media commentator Walt Brasch, Ph.D. was overshadowed by our nation’s response to the terrorist attack.

Thirty months later, with former President Bill Clinton publishing his memoirs during this grueling and divisive Presidential election year, The Joy of Sax is even more relevant and significant now than when it was initially released in September, 2001.

“Mr. Clinton will certainly have a selective recollection of his Presidency,” said Lighthouse Press publisher, Ron Richard. “And The Joy of Sax is a valuable counterpoint to the former President’s tendency to massage recent history.”

Having received over 100 regional and national media awards, Walt Brasch is also a co-recipient of the Civil Liberties Award, the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Service Award, and is a syndicated columnist of thirty years. His 13 books and dozens of magazine articles address historical and contemporary social issues. With the re-lease of The Joy of Sax, Brasch once again shows why he is listed in Who’s Who In America, and how a higher plane of journalism can illuminate eight years of national excitement and turmoil.

“Subjects we’re deeply interested in addressing,” Richard noted.

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