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The Lighthouse Press Adds RSS News Feed to Web Site Services

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JULY 11, 2005) — After making accessible a Conference Chat room previously utilized for immediate communication between staff and overseas industry associates, The Lighthouse Press, Inc. is now incorporating a free RSS news feed into its web site services.

RSS, known variously as Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary, enables the automatic transmission of a web site”s news to subscribers having an RSS Feed Reader.

According to Lighthouse Press Publisher, Ron Richard, RSS allows Lighthouse web surfers the luxury of receiving the corporation’s news and press releases without having to visit the corporation’s web site.

“I was sold on the idea by our IT department’s description,” Ron Richard explained. “Basically, instead of your getting our newspaper out the vending machine, our newspaper boy throws it onto your doorstep. However, in this case, the vending machine is our web site, the newspaper boy is an RSS News Reader program and your doorstep is actually your computer.”

The Lighthouse Press incorporated the explanation into a web page that further details what RSS is, and offers a popular RSS News Feed Reader for free download.

“When one of your favorite Lighthouse Press authors comes out with a book, has a book signing or we move forward on one of our film projects, RSS allows you to be one of the first to know,” the Publisher added.

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