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Barnes & Noble Second Recommendation For DL Tolleson’s The Gray Stopgap

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JULY 10, 2002) — The Lighthouse Press Inc., announces that their recent title, The Gray Stopgap, is now a “staff recommendation” at the Barnes & Noble bookstore located at Third and Commerce in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

The Lighthouse Press reports that this is the second Barnes & Noble staff recommendation for this debut novel by Texas author, DL Tolleson.

“It’s a roller coaster of a read,” said Lighthouse Publisher, Ron Richard, “but we didn’t know if the market would react favorably to a techno-thriller that functions on such deeply-rooted psychological and emotional levels. Following on the heels of last month’s staff recommendation by the Barnes & Noble store in Richardson, Texas, we’re very pleased to see The Gray Stopgap is not only atypical, but also widely appealing.”

The novel is the story of a government agent plagued by wartime memories and betrayal at the hands of his fiancée. The Gray Stopgap introduces the concept of “bio-chemical synthetic intelligence” and an experiment that turns upon the experimenters. Spanning over 20 years, it is a psychological and emotional tapestry seamlessly woven between flashbacks and reality. Double agents, assassins, underwater adventure and sub-orbital dogfights are but a few facets of this adrenaline-driven pell-mell rush. Uncharacteristic for a techno-thriller, The Gray Stopgap delves into a tragic love story that serves as the very canvas upon which DL Tolleson paints a grandiose adventure that nearly turns its own pages.

The Barnes & Noble “staff recommendation” is expected to run through July. Readers and booksellers are also invited to visit the Publisher’s website and the author’s website at


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