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Yale Strom’s Blackstream Films Options The Wayfarers

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JULY 29, 2004) — In an unusual move, the Lighthouse Press, Inc., in association with the Jewish Center for Creativity and Culture in Los Angeles, has optioned the documentary film rights to Stuart Tower’s epic historical novel The Wayfarers to Yale Strom’s Blackstream Films. The documentary, to be produced as The Fusgeyers, is based on the events portrayed in the novel as typical of the little known Fusgeyer Movement between 1881 and 1914 in Eastern Europe.

The Wayfarers is a microscopic look at the mass emigration of Jews and other nationalities that took place between 1881 and 1914. Over 2.5 million Jews left behind their lives of impoverishment, trade boycotts and pogroms, while a few, the Fusgeyers, defiantly walked their way across a xenophobic, divided Europe, protesting and demonstrating against their government’s harsh policies to a better life in America and in other countries around the world.

In granting the option, Publisher Ron Richard said of Yale Strom: “There is no other producer or director in the world who could bring this book alive on film. With Yale Strom’s reputation and success in this medium, the story of the Fusgeyers would be done proud and we would look forward to the production should they exercise this option.”

The Wayfarers novel is now available through online and local bookstores everywhere. For more information, readers and booksellers are invited to visit the Publisher’s website at or the book’s web page at


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