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The Wayfarers Documents Centuries of Discrimination Against Jews

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JUNE 16, 2004) — The Lighthouse Press of Lighthouse Point, Florida announces the release of Stuart Tower’s epic historical novel, The Wayfarers, in time for the 350th anniversary of the first Jewish arrivals in the New World.

This epic saga is the story of sixty young Jewish men and women—collectively known as the Fusgeyers—and their compelling march across 1,500 miles of an ethnically divided Europe in the early 1900s.

From 1881 to 1914, more than 2.5 million Jews emigrated from Eastern Europe and Russia to America and other countries. Research shows that of the six million Jews living in America and Canada today, approximately 80%, or 4,800,000 people, trace their ancestry to this mass emigration from the impoverishment and government-sanctioned discrimination of early 20th century Europe.

Wayfarers breathes with the same principles inherent to many of our stalwart historical records,” said Lighthouse Press Publisher, Ron Richard. “Stuart Tower has written a historically accurate backdrop in which he has filled in fiction sufficient to involve us emotionally and bring the past very much alive.”

Agreeing, filmmaker Steven Spielberg said, “In today’s electronic society, plain old-fashioned, captivating story-telling is rare. In The Wayfarers, Stuart Tower has done just that.”

The Wayfarers is now available through online and local bookstores everywhere. For more information, readers and booksellers are invited to visit the Publisher’s website at or the book’s web page at


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