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The Lighthouse Press Releases The First of its E-Book Editions

MOBILE, AL (DECEMBER 26, 2009) — The Lighthouse Press, Inc. announced the limited publication of the original e-book, Socials by author DL Tolleson. A novella about the tragedy of atonement, it is the first fiction e-book offered by the publisher.

Socials is a multi-faceted story about the love, betrayal, sacrifices and regrets of two men and the three women in their lives,” publisher Ron Richard said. “But on a much deeper level, it has an underlying literary heft greater than its length.”

The fact that this is limited trial-run, one of the company’s first e-books and a novella is no coincidence, according to the publisher.

“It’s an entertaining and sound literary work of art,” Richard said, “but it faced obstacles that do not confront traditionally printed and more lengthy novels sold in bookstores. It’s our first novella because those problems vanish when offered as part of our new e-book program. Down the road we’ll offer it as an e-book and eventually even as a printed volume.”

About the novella: Socials is the story of Derrick Lawren, a writer who wanted to craft a beautiful and tragic novel inspired by the lives of those around him. But such things exact a price more severe than the youthful experience of any one person can pay.

Written by DL Tolleson, Socials is the author’s second title from The Lighthouse Press and is available for a limited time exclusively through the publisher’s web site. Readers can safely, securely and immediately download the novella to any computer connected to the Internet.

For information visit the Publisher’s website at or the e-book’s web page at


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