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The Lighthouse Press Creates Independent Film Company For Turning Novels Into Movies

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (NOVEMBER 15, 2004) — In a move certain to raise a few eyebrows in the entertainment world, The Lighthouse Press, Inc. has incorporated Lighthouse Entertainment, L.L.C. to begin operation on January 1, 2005. The multi-media company is dedicated to the proposition that there is an inherent marriage between publishers of fiction and a film industry that is trying to fulfill the consumer’s insatiable demand for new and exciting content.

“It’s a natural fit,” said the publisher, Ron Richard. “On the publishing side, The Lighthouse Press, Inc. has published more than forty novels over the past five years, with many of them perfectly suitable for film adaptation. What better source for new content is there than a published novel?”

Lighthouse Entertainment, L.L.C. has already inked options for a documentary film and a feature film based on Stuart Tower’s epic historical novel, The Wayfarers. Anticipating the 350th anniversary of the first Jewish arrivals on this side of the Atlantic, Blackstream Films will co-produce the documentary with internationally renowned director Yale Strom. Noted actor Theo Bikel is expected to narrate. Filming in Romania is expected to commence once co-producers, Quintas Films of Holland and Genius Films of Romania, finalize negotiations concerning the feature film.

Lighthouse Entertainment, L.L.C. has also optioned Coma by newcomer Jason Paul, which is to be published in spring of 2005. The anticipated film is expected to follow the novel’s portrayal of a family in conflict with the Living Will directives of a beloved family member suffering complete incapacitation.

“We realize that we’re taking a gamble here,” the publisher said, in reference to the working arrangement between The Lighthouse Press and Lighthouse Entertainment. “Despite rave reviews for our stable of authors and titles, we have been slow to build recognition as a household name.”

The publisher said that Lighthouse Entertainment intends to follow in the footsteps of independent producers who are changing audience and industry perceptions with films like Mel Gibson’s, The Passion of The Christ, Ron Howard’s, A Beautiful Mind and others.


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