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Live Armadillos Reveals The Personal Side of Eminet Domain Issue

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL (JULY 2, 2006) — Having just released Deanne Devine’s, Live Armadillos, The Lighthouse Press, Inc. announces that the novelist is scheduled for personal appearances in bookstores throughout the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky areas.

Devine’s novel, inspired by a controversial eminent domain battle between the residents and the City of Norwood in Ohio, debuted just as the Supreme Court was lessening restraints on government’s power to implement eminent domain.

“At the time Deanne pitched the novel, the national controversy didn’t even exist,” admitted Lighthouse Press publisher, Ron Richard. “We certainly never foresaw the confiscation of personal property merely for the increase to a city’s tax base. But even without the unbelievable change in the law, Deanne’s work shows what this means on a very personal level. This novel is, quite frankly, important fiction.”

Live Armadillos is Devine Devine’s second novel. Readers can also sample her work in upcoming issues of Mt. Zion Press and The Deepening Review of Speculative Fiction, two publications offering short literary fiction.

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