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Receiving one of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Associationís highest awards for Journalistic Excellence, DL Tolleson also garnered awards for Feature Writing and News Photography from the Texas Community College Press Association. He was a one-time Fine Arts Consultant/ Instructor under a state grant program to ARC of Texas. He taught Creative Photography in the College for Kids program at Tarrant County College and writing at the elementary level in an after school program under a federal grant to the Fort Worth Independent School District.

A former member of the Texas State Barís Legal Assistantís Division he spent over 14 years in litigation support. As a Paralegal Specialist in the U.S. Small Business Administrationís Office of Disaster Assistance he was awarded recognition for creating a method to merge Disaster Credit Management System data with loan modification documents. For six years he was one of the four-member team overseeing compliance of Dealer Franchise cellular contracts at the RadioShack Corporation headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

As a photographer/videographer, Tollesonís portfolio of work covers a wide spectrum: News, litigation, depositions, surveillance, evidentiary documentation, accident/incidence scenes, personal injury, property damage, postmortem evidence, modeling, portraits, events and weddings. He now primarily photographs wildlife and nature for pleasure, predominantly focusing on the Big Bend region of Texas.

In addition to authoring the atypical espionage thriller, The Gray Stopgap, Tollesonís novella, Socials, is planned for publication. A sequel to The Gray Stopgap is also planned for publication.

He holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Texas. He also holds an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Applied Science, both from Tarrant County College.

A freelance writer/ photographer, DL Tolleson resides in the north central region of Texas referred to by locals as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.