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The Gray Stopgap

by DL Tolleson
• Fiction • Espionage • Adventure
• Hardcover
• E-Book
• 464 Pages

Karns Gray is the best operative in an ultra-secret intelligence cell known only as, “Chancellor Agents,” so nick-named after their elusive director, The Chancellor.

However, Agent Gray is also plagued by hellish, post-traumatic wartime memories and a betrayal at the hands of his fiancée. Seeking an escape from his personal demons, he accepts an offer to volunteer in a medical experiment involving, a “bio-chemical synthetic intelligent computer.” But the experiment turns upon the experimenters, killing its creator and attempting to take over the body of Karns Gray. The attempt forces Gray into a two-year coma.

Twenty years later... Global satellite failures, missing reconnaissance teams and drug related weaponry have led American agencies to suspect a major shift in international drug trafficking. As part of the intelligence community’s response, Karns Gray is one of two Chancellor Agents brought in to figure it out. What Gray discovers is as deeply personal as it is consequential to humanity.

An atypical espionage thriller, The Gray Stopgap is a psychological tapestry seamlessly woven between flashbacks and reality. Double agents, assassins, underwater adventure and sub-orbital dogfights are but a few facets of this adrenaline-driven emotional roller coaster.

Adventure aside, this is as much a story about relationships and integrity as it is international intrigue.

This fourth edition of The Gray Stopgap includes an Author Introduction absent from prior editions and an updated ending Note From the Author. It is available from bookstores and online retailers such as and Barnes&