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by DL Tolleson
• Fiction • Contemporary
• Publication To Be Announced

A chance encounter outside a bookstore brings with it a flood of memories and the closing chapters of a drama that novelist Derrick Lawren had mistakenly thought all his own.

In his youth he had wanted to write a beautiful and tragic novel about a society that seemed as far removed from him as the sky above. But such things exact a price more severe than the youthful experience of any one person can pay. For Derrick, his friend and the women who loved them, the cost was beyond wealth or friendship.

Years in development this deceptively small story evolved out of author DL Tolleson’s, “Fitzgeraldsque,” effort and into a distinct work of contemporary fiction. It is a story of atonement and the only beautiful thing about tragedy. Socials is also, we believe, a timeless piece of literature and entertainment.

A publication date for this title has not yet been announced.

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