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Like real world adventurers, the resourceful Stuart Tower went straight out of high school and into the Army during historic times—specifically, during the U.S. Occupation of Japan. He returned to academics and graduated from Emerson College, cum laude, in History/Social Science with a minor in Educational Psychology. He also garnered a Masters in Education from Boston University with Psychology-History as a minor and attended a UCLA Doctoral Studies program with emphasis on Educational Psychology

He taught and counseled at all levels of the professional and academic worlds. His experience ranged from the Rand Corporation, Honeywell and the Arthur Young Company in establishing management programs for 150 international clients. Not one to rest on his laurels, Tower commenced his retirement with teaching and at one time was overseeing six differing history courses for an Elder hostel organization in California.

Throughout his career he researched and traveled through-out the United States, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Among his published work are two nonfiction titles, Withered Roots: The Remnants of Eastern European Jewry and Hear O Israel: Poetica Judaica. He brought his formidable education, research and experience to bear in writing his final two works of literature, the novels The Wayfarers and Branko

Tower was twice married and twice a widower, a father of three and a grandfather of five. On March 19, 2017, surrounded by his family he passed away at his home in Southern California.