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The Wayfarers

by Stuart F. Tower
• Fiction • Historical
• Hardcover
• E-Book
• 500 Pages

Rarely will literature, history, an author and a novel find that perfect balance of authenticity and entertainment that represents an enduring classic. Stuart Tower’s The Wayfarers is that perfect balance.

During the opening decade of the 20-century Romania was home to economic instability. At the hands of government enforced-impoverishment, trade boycotts and social unrest arose from what we now realize were the global consequences of industrial and political revolution. Out of this period of unrest a disenfranchised and downtrodden mass organized into a group who pressed westward across a hostile Europe. Their destination was the sanctuary of America. That was their quest and this is their story.

But The Wayfarers is much more than just a historical fiction. It is a well-researched look back at the 20th Century Jewish movement out of Europe. This is a slice of life so real that turning the pages is like being there.

In today’s fast-paced, electronic society, plain old-fashioned, captivating story-telling is rare. In The Wayfarers, Stuart Tower has done just that.

—Steven Spielberg

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