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by Stuart F. Tower
• Fiction • Historical
• Hardcover
• E-Book
• 492 Pages

Branko is back from the pages of Stuart Tower’s historical epic, The Wayfarers. This is the riveting, behind-the-headlines story of a history you’ll not believe was forgotten. And it is the adventurous life of an iconic character you’ll swear is real!

In today’s fast-paced, electronic society, plain old-fashioned, captivating story-telling is rare. In The Wayfarers, Stuart Tower has done just that.

—Filmmaker Steven Spielberg
(on Stuart Tower’s previous novel and Branko’s debut)

Witnessing the brutal massacre that takes his family, six-year old Branko Horvitch survives and goes on to a childhood fraught with abusive relatives and unspeakable Tsarist orphanages. But the story of Branko Horvitch is not one of despair and destruction; it is a celebration of unyielding determination in the face of near-overwhelming challenges. From a tragic beginning to the heights of American political power, this is a taste of a bitter-sweet, but never bland life. His is a world beset by disastrous global wars, changing societies, economic depressions and iconic figures from the pages of history. Surrounded by pathos and chaos, his pursuits in life bring with them unexpected romance and humor.

Spanning the globe, it is a story grounded in the reality of extensive research and offers insights into history not usually reported. But above and beyond this, the saga of Branko is a gripping portrayal of a truly altruistic advocate in his finest hours, thriving in the shadow of the very future he helps to shape.

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