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When Death Becomes Convenient

by J. Ron Richard
• Fiction • Contemporary
• Publication To Be Announced

Every once in a while fiction transcend boundaries and speaks to us so fundamentally that we change our perceptions and sometimes, our lives. J. Ron Richard’s When Death Becomes Convenient is just such a novel.

Tyler Rand. He is normal, healthy and active. He’s a writer whose debut novel has just received critical acclaim and Rand is walking on cloud nine. Life is finally coming up roses.

But life can change in a New York minute and during what would have otherwise been a short two-minute stroll home, Tyler Rand falls victim to an aggressive attack that leaves him in a coma.

We’ve seen and heard the stories of people and families confronted with the legal, moral and ethical issues surrounding coma victims and patients whose lives are reduced to mere vegetative states. But what would these issues mean if we were facing them? And what of the victims and patients? Even medical science admits there have been people held as silent prisoners insides bodies that defied outward indication of awareness.

If it were you, would you hope for the nearly impossible—however unlikely—or want the right to die with dignity? What would your family do and who would speak for you?

In this probing and profound exploration of a private torment in the midst of a public storm, author J. Ron Richard involves us in a way that leaves little room for comfortable or unbiased opinion.

A publication date for this title has not yet been announced.

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