The Lighthouse Press, LLC

Double majoring with a Bachelor of Arts in History and English, J. Ron Richard was educated in the humanities. Reared just outside of Boston Massachusetts, he joined the U.S. Air Force. After his military service in Mobile, Alabama, he embarked upon a lifelong career in mechanical engineering. Pursing his career, he later transferred to South Mississippi, followed by New Orleans, Indianapolis and Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He eventually returned to Mobile where he now resides.

While engineering paid the bills, Richard was consumed with a desire to write and in his spare time he produced numerous outlines, short stories and even three novels. His work as found a home with The Lighthouse Press and When Death Becomes Convenient will be published soon.

While he also loves sailing, it is in his writing that Richard demonstrates a keen eye for the foibles of humanity. J. Ron Richard’s writings offer a unique entertainment that allows the reader to illuminate his or her own worldview.