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Student Body

by Neil Howard
Fiction Suspense
262 Pages

Horrible though it may be, it is an oft-reported story: A series of homicides with facts linking the victims. In this case, female college students at Stonewater College are being sexually molested and killed.

New faculty member Tyler Richmond sees the story as unfortunate but not one of his immediate concerns. During the probationary period of his new appointment he is preoccupied in avoiding confrontations with the cantankerous college dean. Tyler loves the prestigious academic life and has no intention of blowing his one shot at tenure.

But a break in the investigation points to a college employee and Tyler finds himself with a string of clues at the end of which may very well be a killer. Suddenly at stake is more than just a job.

An authentic portrayal of university life, Student Body puts a killer on the other side of the door and you inside the faculty lounge without hope of escape.

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