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Lost Hunters

by Deanne Devine
• Fiction • Mystery • Thriller • Suspense
• Paperback
• E-Book
• 381 Pages

Amberly County isn’t exactly rows of white picket fenced middle class American neighborhoods like those of a Steven Spielberg film. But it is a close second. Situated in mid-Indiana, Amberly County is home to the Division 3 rivalry between the Salem University Knights and the cross-state Westminster Dragons—the game is nationally televised every October. The county is also associated with the Earl Kennard fiasco, which involved a man of the same name attempting to destroy his ex-wife’s divorce award of their previously shared mobile home. Kennard drove a stolen bulldozer through the Wafting Winds Trailer Park, obliterating fourteen homes and missing his target by three blocks. His wife still lives there. Still, for the most part Amberly County is fairly picturesque—even quaint, one might say.

Except for one sinister blemish. It is the curse locals call, “John Baker’s Itch” or more simply, “The Itch.”

Handed down for generations the superstition has it that every 20 years the county suffers a cluster of bizarre deaths. It is a piece of local lore good for campfire stories and scaring children. The story has even been source material for episode 54 of the science fiction/horror television series, The X-Terminators. As for being an actual phenomenon, the vague statistics are pretty much relegated to local urban myth.

But at the end of an otherwise ordinary and beautiful day in late June, a different kind of darkness blankets Amberly County.

Near a rural cemetery, a party comes to a spine-tingling and abrupt halt.

In a suburban home, something inside a young mother contemplates suicide.

In the suburb of Miltonville, there are blood-curdling screams.

On Harmony Road, a dead man walks.

No one is scoffing now…

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