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Live Armadillos

by Deanne Devine
• Fiction • Comtemporary
• Paperback
• 438 Pages

Dana Elliot was on the way up the corporate ladder. For her, success meant impressing the right people, going to the right places and possessing the right things. She had a prestigious job, a fabulous automobile and the extraordinary attitude to go along with all the trappings of her idea of the American Dream. Anyone who couldn’t understand this was, well, ordinary.

But when she is deserted by her husband and left in debt up to her eyebrows, Dana’s world crumbles. Forced to move from her luxury high-rise in the city she accepts the handout of a menial guest room in the quaint town of Bradbury, Indiana.

In Bradbury, life is without pretense and a world apart from skyscrapers, corporate mergers and late-night dinner parties. Neighbors actually know each other and are friends. With backyard barbeques replacing social soirées, Dana discovers that “ordinary” lives can be not only fulfilling but also a touch mysterious.

It is, surprisingly, just the place for Dana. At age 42, she has found home.

However the wheels of progress are coming to Bradbury. Powered by the laws of eminent domain and led by a fleet of bulldozers, corporate expansion intends to pave right over the town.

To save her last chance at life, Dana must stand in the way of everything for which she had once lived. Her only hope for success is, well, unusually ordinary.

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