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Getting Published

by The Lighthouse Press
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Get Published, not burned! Our insider info on getting your book published: What to do and what to avoid.

This is a quick, “nuts and bolts,” guide to what publishers and agents expect of submissions and by default, you as a writer. This is not a re-invention of How to Get Published books and is in no way all-encompassing (as no book can be). Rather, this is a, “bare bones,” guide of basics that our publishing house has found missing from the submissions of an overwhelming number of potential authors.

Topics Include

•  How to show rather than tell your story

•  How to capitalize on reader interpretation

•  How to describe by virtue of action

•  How to alter tempo to scene

•  Avoiding black box and comic-book narratives

•  Creating characters of substance

•  Basic submission guidelines

•  Soliciting publishers and agents

•  Insider info on how publication choices affect (and reflect) on you

Even when everything seems perfect and the stars in Heaven have aligned, getting legitimately published and recognized is not an easy task. This frank and informative guide discusses why that is, the Do’s and Don’ts and other information important to writers seeking publication. As the title suggests, this isn’t just what you want and need to know: It is what you should know.

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