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Climate Change: It’s Personal

by The Lighthouse Press, LLC
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The divide over “Climate change,” includes a controversy over even the phrase itself (by virtue of conveying a man-made component to any weather change whatsoever). And the discussion has certainly been made more difficult by scandals perpetrated by otherwise “mainstream” and “respected climate change experts.” The entire conflict can be summed-up as two disputes. The first is a dispute over whether the human race is responsible for changes in the Earth’s climate. The other dispute is over whether the planet is warming or cooling—regardless of the impetus for the change.

So what is the truth? What is the answer?

The only answer we actually expect will be when the Earth’s climate changes—and even then “certainty” will only be a fact of the change and not necessarily motivating factors. But this does not prevent mankind from being informed and prepared for changes.

In other words regardless of why changes will occur, it is a given that they WILL happen. The only question about this is, will it be cold or hot? If it becomes colder, what will mankind do? How much cold can mankind survive—and how much of mankind will survive? Those are questions and circumstances involving so many variables that it is difficult to envision.

But what if it gets hotter? Well, this is a question that we thought it possible to clearly address and about which we could make a contribution.

Yes, we publish fiction but the mark of good fiction is the incorporation of nonfiction. We believe fiction can illustrate a changing environment to which nonfiction can demonstrate how to realistically adapt. We don’t know if or why increasing temperatures will happen. But regardless of the “if” or “why,” we can prepare.

And so we are planning to write just that. Within the coming year or two we hope to publish a title that incorporates the facts of how to survive a world of increasing temperatures. The book will depict a series of vignettes—scenarios of people dealing with oppressive heat and then will demonstrate the actual science, mechanics and efforts explaining the particulars of the circumstances and how to live with them.

We are in the planning and “construction” phase of this work that is about the personal nature of climate change. In fact, that’s the title under which we expect to publish: Climate Change: It’s Personal.

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