The Lighthouse Press, LLC

The Lighthouse Press Implements New Website Design

MOBILE, AL (JULY 3, 2019) — Last month The Lighthouse Press, LLC unveiled its third major website revision since the company debuted in 1998. Utilizing responsive web design (RWD) via cascading style sheets the company’s website is now more accessible on a variety of devices such as desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smart phones.

“Our previous website revisions worked well on most devices,” Lighthouse Press publisher Ron Richard said, “but that was probably a result of improving technology as much as our desire to keep the site backward compatible with aging browsers.”

Richard noted the company initially utilized a different domain name and thought of their web presence in terms of an incidental necessity.

“The site was cobbled together in vague terms of design that varied from one page to another,” Richard said. “It wasn’t until about March of 2004 that we obtained the current domain and really focused on design and layout—putting as much effort into it as we would a published title.”

Richard reports that subsequent website revisions have been guided by the goal to convey professionalism while being informative and aesthetically pleasing. The company also considered and rejected using the popular Flash software platform that Adobe is now scheduled to retire in 2020.

To review the publisher’s most recent website revision, as well as their offering of books across all genres, visit


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