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To Run With The Dolphins

by Jason Paul
• Fiction • Contemporary
• E-Book
• 132 Pages

What happens when your little corner of the world falls apart?

What happens when you lose your job, the respect and love of an only child and death steals away your beloved spouse? What do you do?

Wallow in despair? Count the days and hours to your own demise? Bury yourself in alcoholic oblivion? Perhaps you even approach the abyss of insanity?

It can happen so slowly you never realize that it is happening—or so suddenly you can’t see it coming. Life, as they say, can change in a New York minute.

But never think that it cannot or will not happen. Because it can. It can happen to you just like it happened to Martin Robicheaux.

And now Martin’s grasp upon life is that of a man desperate to hold on to shifting sand. With everything he once took for granted or loved now gone, even the approach of his fiftieth birthday is a burden of his slipping mortality.

From the shores of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the idyllic island of Key West, author Jason Paul brings us this story of one man’s quest for the meaning of life. But this short and poignant novel is more just one man’s anguish and exploration. It is an opportunity to see your life through the eyes of another.

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