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by Jason Paul
• Fiction • 1970s Era
• E-Book
• 167 Pages


The 20-year Vietnam War is still three years from ending. The country is beyond the free love of the 1960s but no one knows what that means. Richard Nixon is in the White House, Motown is gearing-up and the State of Texas just sentenced a young man to 1,500 years in prison for possession of marijuana.

And that’s when a tired James Stoner drives his corvette into a little Texas town where a small group of itinerant hippies have settled into an abandoned farm house just outside the city limits. But this isn’t just any abandoned farm. This is an old homestead surrounded by an immense field of free growing marijuana.

But the hippies didn’t plant the weed there and that fact alone sets the stage for an unusual parade of characters, both local and from out of town. What follows is the story of how Eudora almost made it onto the map of the United States...almost!

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