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The Lighthouse Press Offers Jason Paulís Second Novel for Amazon.comís Kindle

MOBILE, AL (JULY 6, 2013) ó The independent publisher, The Lighthouse Press, LLC, announces the publication of Jason Paulís e-book, To Run With The Dolphins, now available for Amazon.comís Kindle reader.

To Run With The Dolphins is the story of one manís life after the loss of those things he holds most dear: His wife to cancer, his sonís love and his means of making a living. In his solitude he begins reading Joshua Slocumís, Sailing Alone Around The World. It is the challenge that such an invigorating adventure presents that sparks the manís only remaining ember for life.

In a Public Relations media package, The Lighthouse Press noted that, ďWhile literature moves and motivates us, rarelyóif everóare there stories about our changing because of what we've read. Jason Paulís, To Run With The Dolphins, is just that: An exhilarating message of reconciliation, reversal and redemption driven by challenges instead of debilitating adversity.Ē

To Run With The Dolphins, by Jason Paul is published exclusively for Amazon.comís Kindle.

For more information about the book and its author, readers are invited to visit the Publisherís website at or the authorís web page at


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