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Now available in trade paper: A first novel by DL Tolleson in the mold of Tom Clancy:

The Gray Stopgap

The Story:

An atypical espionage thriller, The Gray Stopgap is a psychological and emotional tapestry seamlessly woven between flashbacks and reality.

Plagued by hellish wartime memories and betrayal at the hands of a fiancée, government agent Karns Gray is pulled from an exploding car by a 17 year-old girl. But nothing is exactly as it first seems. The accident is a botched murder attempt, the girl, a child prodigy Neurobiologist, and Gray–gifted with heightened senses–is a man seeking suicide. Through a subtle orchestration of flashbacks and reality, lost love proves to be the impetus to a self-destructive government experiment that attempts to “map” the human brain by means of a “bio-chemical synthetic intelligence.” Going awry, the experiment submerges Gray into a coma from which his awakening underscores self-isolation and sets the stage for years of inner turmoil.

Double agents, deep sea operations, sub-orbital dogfights, star-crossed lovers and a computerized intelligence rivaling man’s worse fears traverse the numerous fiction genres of this novel on the cutting edge of technology. Assiduous, thrilling and an adrenaline-driven pell-mell rush, this is a roller coater ride that nearly turns its own pages. Adventure aside, The Gray Stopgap is as much a story about relationships and integrity as it is international intrigue.

One reader comments: “…an amazing espionage book…It is the definition of espionage and it will be interesting to see if, in the future, Tolleson can keep up this thrilling, emotional and assiduous standard on which he set for us spy-thriller addicts.” (Yes, a sequel is in the works!!!)

The Gray Stopgap is available–and returnable–through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. For special pricing deals to booksellers for The Gray Stopgap and our other thirty-plus titles, please visit our web site at and click on the Bookseller tab.

The Gray Stopgap
DL Tolleson
ISBN: 0-9711915-6-5
Trim: 5.25” X 8.25” / Trade Paper
Retail Price: $14.95 / U.S.


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