The Lighthouse Press, LLC now offers DL Tolleson’s techno-thriller, The Gray Stopgap in a revised 4th edition hardcover, available for purchase online and through local bookstores.

Included with this 4th edition is an Author Introduction absent from prior editions and an updated Note From the Author.

ABOUT THE NOVEL — As the best operative in an ultra-secret intelligence cell known as, “Chancellor Agents,” Karns Gray is plagued by hellish, post-traumatic wartime memories and a betrayal at the hands of his fiancée. To excape his personal demons he accepts an offer to volunteer in a medical experiment involving a bio-chemical synthetic-intelligent computer. But the experiment turns upon the expermenters, killing its creator and attempting to take over the body of Karns Gray. The attempt forces Gray into a two-year coma...

Twenty years later, American agencies suspect a major shift in international drug trafficking out of Russia. Karns Gray is one of two Chancellor Agents given the job of figuring out what has happened and he uncovers a deadly secret. A secret that is as deeply personal as it is consequential to humanity. Adventure aside, this is as much about relationships and integrity as it is international intrigue.

To be certain, it’s a techno-thriller—a spy thriller. But at its core it is something more akin to a morality play. That’s a rare thing in adventure fiction.

It is ‘one powerful novel’ that ‘could certainly make a hard hitting movie,’ and, ‘overall it is compelling and sometimes mind stretching.’ That isn’t our promotional copy talking! That’s author Piers Anthony writing his recommendation ‘for readers who like unusual adventure’ in the form of DL Tolleson’s, The Gray Stopgap. Get recent news about the book,1 the edition history,2 links offering the novel and Piers Anthony’s review—all through the web site of author DL Tolleson.

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